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2015 Spring Skate Festival

The Competition Schedule and Group Listing are now available for the 26th annual SCWNY Spring Skate Festival. The Spring Skate Festival has become one of the largest competitions in upstate New York. Events include: IJS Freeskating, IJS Short Program, Test Track Freeskating, Adult Events, Moves, Spins, Jumps, Solo Dance, Shadow Dance, Footwork, Showcase, Interpretive, Teams and Basic Skills. The Spring Skate Festival is sanctioned by both U.S. Figure Skating and Skate Canada.

Successful SCWNY Seminar

The Skating Club of WNY held a one-of-a-kind seminar on January 21st.  Our guest presenters were: Chris Conte, Kimmie Miessner and Erynn Komes. The seminar was entitled "Perfect Practice" and focused on the high-level training methods necessary to improve Skating Skills, Artistry/Style, Edge Quality and Posture. Furthermore, the focus was on how to transition these movements into jumps and spins. There was a strong focus on off-ice training as well. Thanks to the SCWNY GRANT PROGRAM, This seminar was paid in full for full members! The Skating Club of WNY is the only club in WNY to provide this type of benefit to its members at no charge. Special thanks to David Cian for coordinating this great event!

2015 Peter Buch Scholarship

Each year, we announce the recipient of the Peter Buch Memorial Scholarship in January. Peter was a beloved coach and long-time friend to SCWNY, and is missed by all club members and coaches who had the honor of knowing and working with him. This year, Peter’s sister, Dr. Barbara Buch, has awarded Isabela Ortiz the full scholarship. Congratulations Isabela!!

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